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We keep a variety of parts in stocking inventory for the PA-46 Aircraft. Beyond the high rotation common items we also stock those hard to find parts and assemblies that can sometimes take weeks or longer to get elsewhere. Take a moment to look at the list below and see if we have the parts you need then give us a call.

Part # Description Status Core Price
646 474 Air/oil separator $Please Call
E3FF-10300BAR Alternator $Please Call
646843 Alternator $Please Call
646 405 Alternator bracket (2 in stock) $Please Call
Piper# 602-234 Annunciator panel $Please Call
3D2387-01 De-ice control valve $Please Call
4D2037-11 De-icer Timer $Please Call
D153-00-3RX Flap actuator $Please Call
649368-20 Fuel Pump (Malibu) $Please Call
RG9080J4A/M Fuel Pump (Mirage) $Please Call
6246-00425 Fuel quantity gauge $Please Call
Heat muff (RH Malibu) $Please Call
83728-4 Hydraulic power pack (Gar Kenyon) $Please Call
20553A-SV Intercooler (Mirage) (2 in stock) $Please Call
187-5 Lift detector (Malibu) $Please Call
40C19819R Lycoming stack (2 in stock) $Please Call
78077 Lycoming flange $Please Call
40B19827R Lycoming #3 riser (3 in stock) $Please Call
40B19840R Lycoming exhaust stack (9 in stock) $Please Call
40B19841 Lycoming #2 cylinder riser  $Please Call
40B19844R Lycoming #1 riser (5 in stock) $Please Call
47C 22532R Lycoming RH turbo tee $Please Call
83646-02 Nose gear torque link $Please Call
065-0059-03 Pitch servo $Please Call
065-0060-05 Roll servo $Please Call
A1610-TS-DF-28 Strobe light power pack $Please Call
065-0061-06 Trim servo (2 in stock) $Please Call
83619-04 Trunnion strut tube $Please Call
07A 22544 LH turbo bracket $Please Call
07A 19870 RH turbo bracket (2 in stock) $Please Call
441CC-17 Vacuum pump (overhauled) $Please Call
Throttle quadrant cover $Please Call
1H5-18 Vacuum manifold (2 in stock) $Please Call
19A2790 Cooling fan $Please Call
646463-106 Continental #5 riser (2 in stock) $Please Call
646463-134 Continental #4 riser (4 in stock) $Please Call
646463-105 Continental #6 riser (2 in stock) $Please Call
646463-170 Continental LH tailpipe $Please Call
657971 Continental LH turbo tee $Please Call
657683 Continental RH turbo tee $Please Call
646463-201 Continental #1 or #2 riser $Please Call
654331 Continental crossover pipe (2 in stk) $Please Call
654321 Continental bypass (2 in stock) $Please Call
Seatbelts (8 assorted) $Please Call
Two-blade Malibu spinner dome $Please Call
688-488 Meridian fuel cap $Please Call
655566 Continental starter $Please Call
598-593 Alternator control unit $Please Call
07A26688 Alternator bracket $Please Call
646317 Wastegate $Please Call
6533-1-H130 Manifold Pressure & Fuel Flow Ind. $Please Call

*Core charge will be applied to bill when parts are ordered.  Credit will be issued once core has been received and condition has been checked for acceptability.

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